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Alexander Law Firm's team members are experienced and dedicated to our client's success.

Levi Alexander, Esq.

Managing Partner

Attorney and Counselor at Law


Mr. Alexander works with families in all situations. He will handle your divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, paternity, adoption, guardianships, or any other family law manner with tact and professionalism. Mr. Alexander understands the difficult process that the legal system can be and he and his staff will be there every step of the way. Not only does Mr. Alexander understand the legal aspects of your case, he has personal experience in many of the above situations, which gives him the passion and drive that will help you succeed. 


Mr. Alexander assistcs clients with estate planning. He and his team won't just give you documents to take home and put on a shelf. At Legal Journeys, they offer so much more. Click on Wills Estates, and Trusts under the areas of law section to see how Legal Journeys is different.


Mr. Alexander is a certified Guardian ad litem.  This means that he has been certified to represent children and their best interests. He takes this position very seriously and does all that he can to determine what is in each child's best interests.


Mr. Alexander is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the Huntsville Madison County Bar Association, the Family Law Section, and the Young Lawyer's Section.

Nicole Stiltner, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Attorney and Counselor at Law


Ms. Stiltner is a criminal defense attorney who fights for your freedom and who works hard to get the best resolution for each individual case. She can help you whether you are charged with drug offenses, theft of property, robbery, burglary, sex offenses, assault, forgery, arson, DUI, or any other offense for which you may be charged.


Ms. Stiltner previously worked for a prosecutor's office so she understands how it works from the opposing side. This helps her negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor. Many times, she will be able to negotiate a plea to allow you to attend Veteran's Court, Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Pre-trial Diversion Program, or Probation. Any of these could make so you don't have to spend a day in jail. If you would rather take your case to trial, she will fight hard for you every step of the way, both in and out of Court.


Ms. Stiltner is a member of the Alabama State Bar and is a director/consultant with BNI.


Tonya Woods, Esq.

Contract Attorney

Attorney and Counselor at Law


Ms. Woods has experience handling matters pertaining to the area of Family Law. She has worked with clients in family matters involving divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, and domestic violence.


She works with both passion and deication, ensuring that legal matters are handled with candor, integrity and professionalism. She approaches each matter entrusted to her care genuinely and with sincere commitment to the cause.


In addition to her experience in the Famly Law arena, Ms. Woods works with Landlord/Tenant Law and Probate. She is available to advise, counsel, or reprsent individuals in either of these practice areas.


Ms. Woods earned her law degree from Vanderbilt University. She is licensed to practice law in the states of Alabama and Tennessee. She is a member of the Alabama State Bar and the Huntsville Madison County Bar Association.


Camille Preston, Esq.

Of Counsel


Ms. Preston handles the appellate cases for the Firm. If you need to appeal your case, Ms. Preston is determined to assist you in getting the justice you seek.


In addition to working in the courtroom, Ms. Preston is also a mediator. She can assist the parties in coming to an agreement outside of the courtroom. Mediation allows each person to help determine the outcome of the case, rather than leaving it up to the Judge.


Ms. Preston is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the Huntsville Madison County Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, and the Young Lawyer's Section.


Brailin Alexander





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